Our Story:

Everything started in 1964 when Mr. Kraus established Electropedic Adjustable Beds.  In 1987, while traveling through Europe on pleasure, Henry Kraus stayed at a small boutique hotel in Switzerland.  He found one of the most cozy mattresses he had ever experienced there.

Henry Kraus had been in the sleep products industry for some time now and the incredible feel of this mattress was very surprising to him.  After waking up feeling invigorated and free of his typical back ache, Henry Kraus made a decision to stay another night. Henry Kraus actually had gone through back surgery two decades earlier; and waking up without pain was invaluable to him. Once more, he awoke feeling rested and pain-free.

 He was so affected by the mattress that he was unable to let it go.  Henry Kraus actually made a special trip back to Switzerland to this same Hotel to find out what was so special about this mattress; What was inside?  How and where they were made? Where they were sold.  He wanted to know where he could buy one and ship it back to the USA for his own personal use. 

 Henry Kraus discovered that this special mattress was actually a Latex Mattress;  and that they were actually quite popular in Europe.   Soon latex mattresses became the best selling mattresses at Electropedic Adjustable Beds.  You can travel all over the World - and there isn't a better mattress to sleep on than a Latex Mattress. The company later introduced the Whole Mattress with all natural latex, cotton and wool.  The Whole Mattress is not just "any" mattress:  It is the best mattress Earth has to offer!

natural organic orthopedic firm mattress

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The Whole Mattress is made with all natural materials, completely reversible and quilted on both sides.  No Toxins, Chemicals, Off-Gassing, Synthetics, Polyurethane, Polyester, Glue and other Man-Made Materials.  The Whole Mattress is made with all natural Latex, Cotton and Wool.  The Whole Mattress is not just any Mattress:  It is the best mattress Earth has to offer!

Whole natural organic latex mattress 
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certified organic cotton mattress  COTTON 
organic wool natural mattress  WOOL 
Natural Ingredients
Completely Reversbile
Quilted on Both Sides
All Natural Top to Bottom
20-Year Warranty
No Glue
No Toxins
No Off-Gassing
No Chemicals
No Synthetics
best rated review latex organic natural mattress
Whole Mattresses are the best mattresses Earth has to offer!.
3-Organic Socks
2" Latex Top
6" Latex Middle
2" Latex Bottom
1/2" Cotton & Wool Quilting-Top
1/2" Cotton & Wool Quilting-Bottom
100% Pure Talalay Latex
Latex Mattress 
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whole natural mattress
907 N. Hollywood Way, Burbank/LA 800-233-7382
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9 out of 10 mattresses made today are made the modern way; with all synthetic, man-made, polyurethane foam and polyester fibers; glue and chemicals.  Moreover, 9 out of 10 mattresses made today are made non-reversible (with polyurethane foam on the bottom) and quilted on just one side.  The Whole Mattress is made with all natural materials, completely reversible and quilted on both sides.  20-Year Warranty.  The Whole Mattress is not just any mattress: It is the best mattress Earth has to offer.